Sincerity Property Management Residential Letting And Rental Management Company

A professional and personal service for landlords and tenants

Sincerity Property Management
101 Belvedere House
8 Kew Bridge Road

Telephone: 0208 560 3035

Sincerity Property Management is a new letting agent based in Brentford which seeks to bring innovation to the industry whilst providing tenants and landlords with a friendly and professional service.

The internet has changed the way we do business. We order groceries on-line, we purchase books on Amazon, we book flights on Yet our high streets are lined by estate agents and letting agents. Surely this is an anachronism in the modern age. Eleanor Coles, director of Sincerity certainly thinks so, and that’s why you don’t see Sincerity on the high street.

Eleanor recounts: “My husband and I have many years’ experience as landlords, managing our own investment properties, and as tenants where we’ve lived in rented accommodation both here and overseas. So we thought we understood the concerns of landlords and knew what matters to tenants. But before launching our business we researched the industry and spoke with many tenants and landlords. It was striking, not a single tenant cared about a shop front. Invariably they search on the internet on Rightmove and Zoopla in the evening after work and at weekends. They don’t want to take time off work to visit a shop. They’re happy to come to our office or better still meet for coffee at Costa”

Having no shop premises means lower overheads allowing Sincerity to offer attractive fees and an innovative pricing policy. Eleanor continues: “Landlords told us they liked the personal service offered by traditional letting agents, but complained about upfront fees, exclusivity clauses and lock-in periods. So we got rid of all these. We’ll market their property without obligation. If we are successful in arranging a tenancy, only then will the landlord pay a commission out of their rental income.”

And finally Sincerity addressed the number one complaint of tenants: agency fees. “It’s not only the cost which upsets tenants,” Eleanor explains “but the timing because the fees are imposed at the start of the tenancy when they have to pay a deposit, find the first month’s rent and all those other costs associated with moving. As our fixed costs are low, we don’t charge fees to tenants.” This is such an innovation that Eleanor had to convince Rightmove to edit their software code so the statement “fees apply” does not appear on Sincerity’s property listings.

Sincerity is a young company with fresh ideas. It’s challenging the traditional industry model to provide traditional values of service at a fair and transparent price.



April 16, 2015

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