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Two months ago it was time for young people in Hounslow to apply for a six month exchange program spending time in Zambia making a real difference in the lives of people in both communities. It's now time for Hounslow residents to open their homes for the visitors coming here.

Local charity, Hounslow PHAB is appealing to the public to offer accommodation to young people aged 18-22 from Zambia and the UK who will undertake voluntary work with community projects in Hounslow for 3 months from July 2012.   The participants will be in Hounslow to take part in Global Xchange, an international youth and development programme run by VSO, the British Council, and other partner organisations around the world. Global Xchange is also part of the pilot year of International Citizen Service (ICS), funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). In Hounslow, Global Xchange is managed by Hounslow PHAB and funded by corporate sponsors, GlaxoSmithKline, BAA at Heathrow Airport through the Heathrow Community Fund and British Airways.

Hounslow PHAB requests families, singles, flat-shares and couples to consider being part of a unique cultural exchange and apply to offer accommodation to 2 young people, 1 from Zambia and 1 from the UK for a period of 2 to 12 weeks.  Global Xchange provides a weekly allowance of £100 to cover food costs and utilities and ensures programme supervisors are on hand to offer support whenever necessary. 

A key factor in the success of the programme is that volunteers live with hosts within the community rather than living as a group in a hostel.  This offers a far better insight into life in Hounslow.  Equally, hosts benefit from the opportunity of learning about another culture and having an international experience without leaving home.

While in Hounslow the volunteers will work with a diverse range of local community projects such as working alongside people with disabilities, working with young carers or the elderly and working with the race and equality council.

For more information or to offer accommodation, please contact Programme Supervisor Natasha Samuels on 07528 306291 or email natashasamuels.gx@gmail.com.  Visit www.globalxchange.org.uk for more information about Global Xchange and please like our facebook page for regular updates about the programme in Hounslow and Zambia www.facebook.com/gx127


March 1, 2012

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