Charges Against Paul Slattery Dropped

Harassment case against wheelie bin protestor withdrawn day before trial


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We can confirm that charges of harassment made against an anti-wheelie bin protestor from Brentford have been dropped.

The Crown Prosecution Servicehave informed Mr Slattery via his solicitor that they do no wish to proceed.

"The decision to discontinue these charges has been taken because there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction".

The 65-year-old photographer, who lives on Lateward Road, was accused of one count of harassment of a person in their own home. This arose after a protest against wheelie bins took place outside the home of Hounslow Council leader Steve Curran.

He had been originally arrested on 21 November of last year. During the protest wheelie bins were piled up outside the property by people objecting to their imposition across the borough. Around 20 people participated in the protest but only Mr Slattery was arrested.

Paul Slattery and audience
Paul Slattery (right) addresses a meeting on wheelie bins

Cllr Steve Curran said: “The CPS has decided not to proceed further with this case which was due to be held in court tomorrow.

“Clarification as to the reasons for this decision are being sought as it was the CPS who decided to take this to court in the first place.

“While I firmly believe in the right to protest, myself and my family felt threatened outside our home and that is why I called 999. I believe anyone faced with similar circumstances would act in the same way.”

Cllr Steve Curran
Cllr Curran


The letter in full to his solicitors reads as follows:


DEFENDANT: Paul SLATTERY              (D.O.B. 15/04/1950)


COURT AND HEARING DATE: Ealing Magistrates Court  5th July, 2016

I am writing to inform you that I have today sent a notice to the Justices’ Chief Executive, under section 23 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, discontinuing the following charges against your client:

  • Harassment of a person in his home 19/11/2015

The effect of this notice is that your client no longer need to attend court in respect of these charges and that any bail conditions imposed in relation to them cease to apply.

The decision to discontinue these charges has been taken because there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

This decision has been taken on the evidence and information provided to the Crown Prosecution Service as at the date of this letter.  If more significant evidence and/or information is discovered at a later date the decision to discontinue may be reconsidered.

In rare cases a decision to discontinue may be reconsidered if a new look at the decision shows that it was clearly wrong and should not be allowed to stand.

Your client has the right to require the discontinued proceedings to be revived. If you wish to exercise this right, you must give written notice to the Justices’ Chief Executive at the above magistrates' court as soon as possible (and in any event within 35 days).

Should your client wish to apply for any costs incurred in respect of these proceedings, you may make a written request to the Justices’ Chief Executive. It is not necessary to apply for the proceedings to be continued in order to apply for your costs.

CAUTION: this notice only applies to the charges specified in it, and does not have any effect in relation to any others that may be pending or other proceedings against you. If you are legally represented you should contact your solicitor immediately.

July 4, 2016

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