Snowy Brentford

Just in case you didn't stick your nose out of the door on Saturday

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Griffin Park
Griffin Park from the top of a 65, courtesy @franklyRichmond

Snow fell steadily on Brentford Friday night and Saturday morning, creating a beautiful tapestry of snow several inches deep, beautiful that is unless you had to go anywhere in which case it was anything but.

An unhappy dogAudi
A dog who isn't sure about all this Audi offering itself up as a Christmas present, courtesy @waterwellLtd
Sky Snowman
Sky HQ, courtesy @Laweseey, or Jim Lawes Snowman II, courtesy @kath_brentford
Christmas jumper

I couldn't resist this one. What a jumper! Courtesy @benlover1983


And beware a very ill-mannered 10 year old girl in Brentford going around destroying snowmen. Shame on her.


December 18, 2010

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