CPZs, Magistrates Court and St Paul's

March Update from Councillor Matt Harmer

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* CPZ*

You may remember that we received a petition last year from residents in Enfield Road asking for a CPZ, Controlled Parking Zone, to be put in on Enfield Road and the surrounding roads. We can’t just put one in without following the proper consultation process and so the first stage of that was carried out in February.

In short, there was a majority in favour of introducing a CPZ in Avenue Road, Eastbourne Rd and Enfield Road and a majority against in Grove Rd, Whitestile Rd and Enfield Walk. Altogether 184 people responded, with the final tally being 86 in favour, 88 against and 9 not sure.Download the pdf for full results.

32 of the fors and 48 of the againsts came from Whitestile Road.

Because of this, my colleagues and I decided on Thursday to go to a second round of consultation. It will give people in those roads the chance to look at exactly how the plans will look, will spaces be lost on corners etc etc. And there’ll be a second round of voting. I know that some attendees to the meeting were unhappy that we weren’t just putting a CPZ in, but I hope on reflection that everyone can see that wouldn’t be right at all.

I have requested that the whole process be completed by mid-May, so that we can make a decision at the next meeting of the committee that decides these things, the Isleworth and Brentford Area Committee, on May 24th.

The results document I can send also includes the results of the questions about hours and days of operation.

For residents of Brook Lane North, we will also be asking residents if they want to be part of the local CPZ following requests from a local resident there. The road is sandwiched between two roads which are in a CPZ.

I know that we won’t make everyone happy, indeed the best we can hope for is making the fewest number of people unhappy. This is why we will make sure that surveys go out to all residents and we will make sure that all decisions will be made, and explained, in public.

* Magistrates Court *

One forthcoming event you may be interested in. We’ve had a letter from the new owners of the Magistrates Court building on the High Street. They propose a restaurant on the ground floor and flats above this. You can go and take a look at the plans on Weds 21st March at 6.30. I can’t go but have asked that the new owners stay in touch. I don’t know what the restaurant will be, and the truth is that we can only give planning permission for a restaurant, we can’ distinguish between restaurant companies (though we can prevent takeaway use).

* St Paul's *

Finally for now, I’ve had some emails regarding the entrance to St Pauls Park. The gates have been opened up to allow easier access for prams and, yes, bikes. No-one defends dangerous cycling but cycling through the park does happen at the moment (including by me) and we want to make it part of a clear route for cyclists. But there is a trial period and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll put it back like it was. Thanks to everyone for the emails for and against.

* Can I help? *

Finally, please get in touch if you think I can help, either by emailing matt@mattharmer.com or calling 020 8560 7033. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

My mailing address is:
Matt Harmer
153 Ealing Rd
Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0LF

My telephone:
020 8560 7033

March 22, 2012

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