Unions Call for Lobby Against the Cuts

Day Centre Charges to multiply

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Full Meeting of Hounslow Council at Hounslow Civic Centre 6pm on Tuesday 1st March

Come and join hundreds of residents, service users and staff as they protest about the nightmare of pay cuts plus the attack on services including:
- Big cuts to Youth Centres, youth services and youth counselling services.
- Close Chiswick Day Centre and the Bedfont Day Centre that care for very frail older people. This will leave only one Day Centre.
- Close Acorn Day Centre that cares for people with serious disabilities.
- A big reduction in care for frail elderly and disabled people living in at home.
- Closing the Welfare Benefits advice service.
- Major cuts in various Environment services.
- A big threat to Branch Libraries with a suggestion that eight Branch Libraries may close leaving only Chiswick, Hounslow and Feltham libraries open.

As readers are probably aware Hounslow Council plans to close Chiswick and Bedfont Day Centres (for Older People) and Acorn Day Service (for People with Disabilities)

The old charges and the new proposed charges for attending a day centre are:

Heston Day Centre (Older People) £3.90 per day £25 to £51 per day
Acton Lodge Day Centre (Disabilities) £3.90 per day £80 to £128 per day
Triangle Day Centre (Disabilities) £3.90 per day £80 to £128 per day
Two Bridges Day Centre (Disabilities) £3.90 per day £80 to £128 per day

All the charges, old and new, are means tested and not everyone has to pay.
These charges will make it impossible for some people to attendday services.

The Trade Unions at Hounslow Council are campaigning strongly to try and stop the awful cuts to services and the increase in charges.

Two dates for your diary if you want to protest about these charges and the cuts:
LOBBY AGAINST THE CUTS – Full Meeting of Hounslow Council. Civic Centre 6pm on Tuesday 1st March.
MARCH FOR PUBLIC SERVICES. Saturday 26th March in central London. Join a million people as they protest against the cuts

March 1, 2011

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