Decision on Floreat School Delayed

Consultation period starts from scratch again


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Floreat are seeking three year temporary use of a ground floor unit at Trico House, Great West Quarter.

Unfortunately they submitted a planning application for Wallis House rather than Trico House and therefore the initial consulation was deemed invalid.

New notification letters to neighbours are being re-issued this week and the 21 day statuory period of consultation starts all over again.

An application for the use of Brent Lea as a temporary site was withdrawn after vivid public protest encouraged Floreat to find an alternative site.

Floreat Brentford have already opened with a reception class of 23 students. Next academic year it will expand to two reception classes and a year one class.

Planning permission is not needed to use the site as a school for one academic year but is sought for the three years needed. Floreat hope to only use it for two years but a permanent site has to be found, planning permission given and construction completed before they can move out.

24 objections have been received by the council and the application was also discussed at this month's Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum (IBAF).

Objections express concern with the additional traffic generated and safety of pupils as well as the impact noise made by pupils will have on residents.

The Education Funding Agency and Department of Education have approved the site despite a permanent site not having been located and no access for outside play for students.

The application can be commented on.

October 1, 2015

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