Pedestrian Crossings Under Threat All Over London

Tfl release list of lights not considered "useful"

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Transport for London have identified 145 sets of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings that could be removed across the capital - including two in Wimbledon.

The locations released to the London Assembly are described as an "initial list" of lights that are no longer considered "useful" by TfL.

They include the pedestrian crossing at the High Street junction with Brentford Lock. The two other locations in the borough are at Twickenham Road / Townfield Way and Whitton Road by Hanworth Terrace.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has also announced plans to change crossing times and is trialling "countdown timers" in eight locations across London were the display will show pedestrians the time between the green man symbol going out and the red man appearing.

But Labour Assembly member Val Shawcross, who obtained the list of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings under threat, said: "The Mayor should be extremely cautious about taking out pedestrian crossings and reducing crossing times from London's roads.

"Pelican crossings are there for the safety and convenience of people on foot but they make up half of the lights proposed for removal. If anything we need more safe places to cross busy roads; not less. Pensioners, those with disabilities and parents of young children might not shout as loud as car drivers but they're ones who stand to lose out under these plans."


Hat tip to Adam Bienkov

July 8, 2010

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