Catherine Wheel Road and Dock Road Closure

Traffic notice advising stopping up of roads south of High Street during construction

Map showing proposed stopped-up roads outlined in red


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Hounslow is proposing to "stop up" or block off, roads south of Brentford High Street to allow the first phase of Ballymore to be built.

Brent Way, Catherine Wheel Road, Boars Head Yard, Dock Road, and other lesser roads or paths will be stopped in order to allow Geronimo Ltd (aka Ballymore) to develop the land south of the High Street in accordance with the permission 00607/BA/P2 which includes outline permission for the whole site and detailed permission for phase one.

It's not clear from the traffic notice whether all roads mentioned will be blocked off for the full duration of construction or in stages. Therefore the period of closure is also uncertain.

Phase I of construction is at the western end of the site and does not directly affect Catherine Wheel Road or Dock Road.

Detailed planning applications for Block D, to the west of Catherine Wheel Road or the other blocks have not yet been submitted.

Several businesses down Catherine Wheel Road, Dock Road and Brent Way do not have alternative access and have planned on the basis of not being in phase one.

How can the Brewery Tap get deliveries with Catherine Wheel Road closed?

Brentford residents will be familiar will the sight of Red Routemasters parked off Dock Road. How can they drive away?

Brentford Dock having just regained Augustus Close after a long period of closure now faces losing Dock Road with its easy pedestrian access to Morrisons as well as the small pedestrian bridge, due to be replaced shortly.

The full traffic order and detailed map can be downloaded from Hounslow Council (pdf).

Comments should be sent in to by the end of August.


August 17, 2017

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