Brentford Toy Library Announces Its Closure

This year's Christmas Party will be the last


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Brentford Toy Library have made the following sad statement:

The Management Committee of the Brentford Toy Library has agreed that the beyond 31st December 2014 the organisation will no longer be sustainable.

This difficult decision has been brought about due to a number of reasons, which collectively, have put increasing strain on resource and logistical considerations.

The continued difficulty in obtaining a sustained source of funding has also been a contributing factor to the decision - as well as the lack of new members to the management committee, with the necessary skills required to deliver a project of such scope and diversity.

The decision comes at a time when user numbers are seeing an increase compared to this time last year and, as a result, a higher number of users requires more `hands on’ participation that cannot be sustained without investment, manpower or otherwise.

The need for the project in Brentford has been identifiable and quantifiable for over a decade and, as such, it is with deep regret that we have made this decision but there is no other solution possible. We have continued for nearly two years beyond committee expectations when the topic was originally discussed. We have collectively maintained the project until this point thanks in no small part to the continued support of our users. However, with such scant resources remaining, we cannot sustain the Toy Library beyond the end of this year.

Current plans will see sessions at St Paul’s Church end after our Christmas party, with a process of winding down the charity thereafter.

The Management Committee extends our thanks our many supporters down the years, It has been a pleasure serving the community of Brentford. We were always passionate about play, we’re glad you were too.


The Management Committee | Brentford Toy Library

October 6, 2014

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