Introducing Brentford Towers Residents Association

Newly formed to support protection and promotion of community



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Brentford Towers Residents Association acts as a voice by raising concerns and providing information and advice to the council about the homes we live in. We are actively raising awareness of the rich history of Brentford thus promoting and fostering the community spirit. Further, we campaign on the protection and promotion of our homes to include its internal and external architectural preservation as well as passionately supporting initiatives that seek to preserve them and the environment in which they are a part of. We do this by working with the council and by applying for funding that helps us to meet our purpose. 

We are working alongside Hounslow Council on the most effective way for the towers to blend in with the environment in which they stand, possibly washed with soft hues of pastels to give them a fresh, modern look and feel. Coupled with this, we hope to agree to the redesign of the landscape that further compliments the beautiful cherry blossom trees and bushes that line the road. We are also looking for funding for the six towers to have a plaque that names all six of the towers and road signage leading to each tower that highlights the links it has with the London Museum of Steam & Water on Green Dragon Lane. Each of the towers are built on the old historical water-fill land used by the Museum of Steam and Water and each of the houses is either named after one of the Victorian water pumps or one of the engineers that built them. 

We wish for everyone in Brentford to celebrate the community and area, so we are looking into having a Christmas Market on the green space at Watermans Arts next year and for an Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. We will be contacting the Watermans to discuss these ideas further and we are hoping to receive funding and support to get this off the ground, we see this as a great way to showcase local businesses, arts and crafts and to give the children some yearly spring fun. 

BTRA and Cllr Guy Lambert
BTRA with Cllr Guy Lamber at Meet and Greet, Watermans Park


The BTRA is very excited about all the initiatives it has planned and welcomes support from anyone who offers, great or small. If you would like to get involved please contact us at:





Brentford Towers Residents Association


October 10, 2017

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