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Ambassador with these goalkeepers you are really spoiling us


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Farewell, Simon Moore.

When the news we all feared was finally confirmed on Monday the only real shock was not so much our goalkeeper’s departure to, ironically, tonight’s opponents but the fact that Cardiff DOES, in fact, have a beach. A quick search of the news channels revealed that Cardiff Council recently purchased more than 300 tons of sand to create an artificial beach in the city’s Bay. So rather than being an elaborate smokescreen, perhaps Simon really had gone to the seaside and it was just a case of one thing leading to another, culminating in his transfer to the Premiership outfit.

Whatever the course of events, it was really pleasing to see the massive outpouring of good wishes from the Bees fans towards Simon, even before the news had been ‘officially’ released. Moreso compared to Harry’s departure, which barely registered a ‘1’ on the Richter scale. Simon, see you soon in the England jersey (and maybe tonight in a Cardiff one).

So, what next?

Well, if there’s one thing we seem to have the knack of in TW8 its unearthing quality goalkeepers, losing them, but then finding somebody just as good. UEFA Cup winner Tony Parks was seemingly impossible to replace, until Graham Benstead came on to the scene. Paul Smith found his way to the top flight (doing his best to try and keep Brentford and Chelsea apart last season) whilst recent campaigns have seen Ben Hamer replaced by Wojech Szczeny before a certain Richard Lee appeared.

Each time, we thought we’d lost the best goalkeeper we’d seen in years; each time we were proved wrong.

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"The Last Word" was a whole page column written by Nick Bruzon and published in the last page of the Brentford FC matchday programme. It's been axed from the upcoming season and therefore Nick has moved online. We're reproducing it (with permission of course) and you can find the original blog at  You can also catch up with Nick on twitter @nickbruzon 

August 1, 2013

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