Thames Water Low Pressure a Technical Fault

Nothing to do with new developments


Contacting Thames Water

• Customer Relations, Thames Water, PO Box 286, Swindon SN38 2RA.
• Thames Water’s Customer Centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0845 641 0011.

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Concern was raised on our forum recently about Thames Water with complaints of no water or low pressure.

Raymond spoke with Thames Water and understood from them that low pressure was due to the new Skylon tower and would continue to be low.

Brentford TW8 asked Thames Water to clarify this and they responded:

“We did a full assessment of the impact of the new development before it was built in 2006 and confirmed that the network was able to cope with this increased demand. Since then we have received no reports of reduced water pressures due to a lack of capacity in the network.

“We did have a technical issue with one of the valves in the area on May 21 when customers reported a lack of water pressure but this was resolved on the same day. We would like to apologise for any disruption this caused.”

Thames Water does assess the impact of all developments that seek planning approval and would ask developers to fund increases in the network if necessary. They did not deem it necessary in the case of the Skylon tower and surrounding development.

June 4, 2013

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