Twittering and Tweeting For Brentford

No we're not talking about birds

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"Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now. " So says Twitter but what does that mean?

A tweet is a maximum of 140 characters that you send out over the internet to anyone who wants to receive it, a bit like radio waves except that there is interaction. Have you ever wanted to answer someone back over the radio but not been able to? Well with twitter you can. 10 extraordinary tweets gives you an additional flavour of the remarkable things people can do via twitter.

Brentford has a lively bunch of tweeters. Naturally Brentford's current councillors , MP and potential councillors or MPs tweet, (especially as the election looms); so do Watermans, Hounslow council and NHS, M4 travel updates, South West Trains etc. Job vacancies and houses for sale appear too. Reverend Derath Durkin is a lively tweeter as are many local residents and then there is the Brentford FC community. Not just tweets from the football club and the various supporters groups but also from the fans and there are a lot of them.

The benefit of twitter is that you can send a tweet as easily as you send a text from your mobile phone. So no need to be at a computer; you can tweet items of interest on the go.

You can see a list of who we follow and who follows us as well as Brentford TW8's tweets. Whilst you can have all sorts of fancy applications to monitor your twitter feeds you can just register and keep up with happenings in Brentford. If you have a twitter feed, whether personal or business then come follow us and we'll return the favour.

BrentfordTW8 has been tweeting since November last year, barely six months ago. We tweet all our articles so you can be kept up to date by the very minute. We forward on other tweets of interest, that are relevant to Brentford (with an "RT" for repeat tweet). We reply to other people who tweet (with an @ to the person). "Followers" are people who have subscribed to our tweets and we can subscribe back "following" them.

You will also find that tweets have words with '#' in front of them. These are called hashtags like #brentford or #brentfordfc so you can search on these key words which allow you to follow a conversation or particular topic.

And if you're on facebook why not join our facebook page so stories and tweets appear on your home page.

If this isn't clear or you have questions please email and we'll do our best to help.

March 9, 2010

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