Residents to join forces to tackle anti-social behaviour

Syon Estate community clear-up marks start of new group

Residents of the Syon Estate have decided to get together and clean up their neighbourhood - and are calling on others to help out.

A clean-up day is being organised on Sunday 5th September between 12pm and 4pm, starting at the Rose community centre. The long-term aim is to organise a new residents association which will address problems including anti-social behaviour. can offer free web pages for local Residents Asociations. Contact us at for more information.

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Organiser Suzanne Evans told that the idea has received support - but more is needed. "A few families decided to get the ball rolling on forming a residents association, but to get people interested and motivated we are organising a clean up day around the community centre and park. We have suffered much anti social behaviour this summer and the area is looking very pitiful. We have had a small meeting with Ann Keen MP and a local councillor on the subject. They are supporting us, but we need the community to get involved, so we are seeking help from where ever we can access it.

"We have been tirelessly asking companies for small donations, but so far all we have is bottled water!!! Our long term aim is to get those children who are causing many of the problems to become involved, take pride in the area and thus extinguish the anti social behaviour."

Any local businesses that feel they can help should write to

29 Aug 2004

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