Burglars Knocking On Doors

Beware Callers who aren't who they claim to be

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Neighbourhood Watch

Kathy Riley 075 0630 9810 or 020 8247 5939 is Brentford’s Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 0300 123 1212
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services.

Policing Pledge (pdf)

Community Safety

CRIMESTOPPER 0800 555 111 www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Contact Information:
Police Sergeant Christopher Jones
Community Support Officer PCSO Alex Hawkins
Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
Brentford Police Station
Half Acre

Office tel: 020 82475974
020 8721 2533

Mobile tel: 07881723891

Safer Neighbourhoods

Police Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) Anti-Terrorist hotline 0800 789 321


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The Police are searching for a male and a female who have been calling on homes in the Hounslow and Feltham area, pretending to be agents from Social Services.  After winning the resident(s) confidence, they enter the property and while one keeps the resident(s) distracted, the second will wander around the property stealing cash, credit cards and anything of value.

Targeting the elderly and the vulnerable, burglaries where thieves acting alone or in pairs visit homes using a variety of ruses to gain access is not uncommon.  Do not under any circumstances allow anyone into your home who you do not know or recognize or who are not holding valid identification.  Should anyone call asking for access into your home, tell whoever it is that you have visitors and that it is inconvenient.  If necessary ask them to return at a later time or date and ensure that if/when they do return there is someone with you.  A legitimate caller would not refuse such a request.  Whatever the excuse and however persistent callers maybe never let anyone into your home who is not carrying correct and proper identification.

If the caller(s) continue to be persistent, please call a neighbour or contact Neighbourhood Watch for assistance. 

November 4, 2010