Burglary in Clifden Road Foiled by Residents

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Burglary in Clifden Road
Early July, a daytime burglar entered a home in Clifden Road. The resident who was not at home at the time returned home to confront the burglar face to face in the house. The burglar made a swift exit carrying the proceeds from the burglary.  The victim telephoned the police who quickly arrived on the scene and a major search of the area undertaken.  Thanks to the vigilance of residents living nearby, the police were informed where the burglar was seen climbing over back garden fences.  The police surrounded the area in question and a thorough search, led by a police canine unit was undertaken. The canine unit led Police to an unlocked back garden shed where the burglar was found hiding inside and the burglar was arrested.

Police again ask residents that should you leave your home, even for a short period; never to leave a door or a window open as it’s too much of a temptation for sharp eyed burglar(s).  The police also advise that to avoid expensive garden tools being stolen, garden sheds should be securely locked at all times.    

2010/11 Football Season
Brentford’s first home game of the season will be the 1st Round of the Carling Cup, against Cheltenham Town, Tuesday 10th August, kick off 7.45pm.  Brentford’s first league match takes place, Saturday 14th August, against Walsall, kick off 3pm.  To avoid any possible problems at home games, Neighbourhood Watch ask all residents to please keep all green recycling bins containing bottles out of sight from passers by.

Children’s Scooters
Sadly a growing trend is the theft of children’s scooters.  A number of thefts have taken place near children’s play areas at local parks, while one has recently gone ‘missing’ in Hamilton Road.  When not in use, children are inclined to leave their scooters on the ground or leaning up against walls or railings, easy pickings for a sharp eyed thief.  A stolen scooter causes heartbreak to the child and financial misery to the parent. 

Noise Pollution Friday-Saturday (10.00pm–04.00am)
tel- 020-8583 2222 or e.mail pollution@hounslow.gov.uk
Residents troubled by continued and excessive late night noise between the hours of 10pm and 4am on a Friday or Saturday night can contact the Hounslow Council Weekend Noise Team who will send a team to check, and if necessary put a stop to the nuisance.   They  will  need to know  i) your name ii) your address iii)your telephone number iv) details of where noise is coming from.  Contact details are above.

For excessive noise problems outside the above office hours, please telephone the police (non emergency) telephone number, 0300 123 1212

Bicycle Thefts
Residents are warned that there has been an increase of bicycle crime NORTH of the A4.  To help prevent theft, owners of bicycles should ensure that when not in use, their bicycles should be locked and securely fastened to something solid.
tel- 0800 555 111 (available 24/7)
If you have suspicions, or the names of culprits of crime but wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers.  Crimestoppers is an independent charity working with the public to fight crime.   All information passed to Crimestoppers is passed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Crimestoppers guarantee your total anonymity.   

July 29, 2010