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Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Information:
Police Sergeant Christopher Jones
Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
Brentford Police Station
Half Acre
Office tel: 020 82475974
Mobile tel: 07881723891

Kathy Riley 075 0630 9810 is Brentford’s Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 0300 123 1212
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services.

Policing Pledge (pdf)

Safer Neighbourhoods
Community Safety

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Bogus Water Board Officials (Distraction Burglaries) in Hounslow
There have been a number of recent distraction burglaries in the Hounslow area where callers, posing as Water Board Officials have gained entry into homes. 

Never allow access into your home by unknown and unexpected cold caller(s) without first confirming who they are, what they are doing and checking their identification.  If suspicious telephone the police on 0300 123 1212. 

Warm Summer Days and Nights
Residents are reminded that doors and windows left open during the warm weather is an invitation to both professional and opportunist burglars to enter your home.  Please be extremely vigilant when leaving a window or front/kitchen door open during warm weather.  Do not make it easy for burglars.

Burglar and Car Alarms
There have been a few instances recently when burglar alarms have gone off late at night while the home owners were out.  Thankfully they were false alarms.  Neighbourhood Watch would like to thank those residents who when hearing the alarms left their homes to investigate.  Should a close neighbour’s car or house alarm go off at any time of the day or night, please be prepared to investigate.  But please take care, if a car is being stolen, or there is a strong indication that a burglary is in progress, do not attempt to tackle the perpetrator(s), dial 999.

Fraudsters in Hounslow Borough
Criminals in the Hounslow area are constantly finding new and imaginative ways of cheating the public out of their money. Recent examples include identity theft where fraudster’s have cold called their victims by telephone with the aim of gaining the victims trust to obtain their bank details. 

Two other frauds in the Hounslow area recently have been criminals stopping people in the street claiming that they have lap tops for sale at very low prices.  When the interested victim obtains the money necessary to purchase the lap top, the fraudsters hands the victim a carefully wrapped box. It is only after the fraudsters disappear and when the victim opens the box that they find that the box only contains bricks.  A very similar fraud in the past was when criminals claimed that they had mobile phones to sell cheaply and the victim finding that what they have purchased were in fact rather expensive Mars Bars. Another successful Hounslow scam was when fraudsters were able to sell what they claimed to be a ‘winning lottery ticket’ but because they were ‘illegal immigrants’ were unable to claim their prize money.

If approached by a total stranger with an offer too good to be true, it usually is.  

Brentford Police, Self Defence Classes (aged 18 years and over)
Brentford’s  Safer  Neighbourhoods  Police  Team  are considering holding ‘Free’
Self Defence’ classes for residents.  Ideally the classes would be for 10 to 12 people aged 18 years or over.  If the idea proves popular, then larger classes will be considered.  If you are interested in joining, please contact our Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team, or your Neighbourhood Watch representative. 

Police Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321
If you suspect it, report it.
The Police Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) are again asking members of the public to be on constant alert for unusual and/or suspicious behavior and activity in the neighbourhood (NW Bulletin February 2010).  If you have reason to be suspicious of anything, please call the Police Anti-Terrorist Hotline, 0800 789 321 with your concerns.  Let the police decide if the information you have is important and requires further investigation.  The police strongly request that for matters that require an urgent and immediate response, always dial 999.

This information is issued by local Neighbourhood Watch

July 2, 2010