Be Careful Walking Home In The Dark

Christopher Jones takes over from Nathan Fane as Police Sergeant in charge of Brentford's SNT

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Police Sergeant Christopher Jones
Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team
Brentford Police Station
Half Acre
Office tel: 020 82475974
Mobile tel: 07881723891

Kathy Riley 075 0630 9810) is Brentford’s Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 0300 123 1212
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services.

Policing Pledge (pdf)

Safer Neighbourhoods
Community Safety

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Street Crime, Ealing Road, Brentford
There have been a number of recent night time street robberies in and around the Ealing Road, Braemar Road and Burford Road areas of Brentford.  The offences have taken place between midnight and 5am, with the majority of robberies happening around 2am.  In each case the victim was alone when confronted by a lone suspect who demanded items of personal property.  No weapons was used and there were no threats made by the suspect. 

If you or any member of your family have to walk alone after midnight, please make sure you stay in well lit areas, be aware of your surroundings, keep looking and listening and do not be distracted.  Most importantly do not have desirable items of personal property on display such as mobile phones or iPODs. 

New Head of Brentford’s Safer Neighbourhood Police Team
On Monday 7th June 2010, Sergeant Nathan Fane will transfer to a new position within Hounslow Police.  From 7th June, the new Head of the Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team will be Police Sergeant Christopher Jones. 

Local Panel Member
Should you wish to become actively involved in policing in Brentford why not volunteer to become a ‘Neighbourhood Panel Member’ to help the police set priorities regarding law enforcement in Brentford.  Police Sergeant Christopher Jones, Head of the Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team would like to hear from any resident who would like to become involved.  If you are interested in becoming a ‘Neighbourhood Panel Member’ please visit Safer Neighbourhoods website.

Attempted Doorstep Scam
During May, an unknown woman in her 50s knocked on several front doors asking for money.  The reason she gave for wanting money was that her husband had left her and she desperately needed cash to pay utility bills.  In her hand was what appeared to be a water bill.  Scams like this are not new and come in various forms.  Strangers will either knock on your front door, or stop you in the street with a story aimed at gaining your sympathy; they will then ask for money. If you are approached by a stranger with a hard luck story who then asks you for money, it is advisable to direct them to Brentford Police Station who are better prepared to assist people in such circumstances. 
Long Evenings
With the longer evenings comes the problem of anti-social behaviour when people, possibly ‘worse for wear ‘make their way home along residential roadslate night or early morning.  

The sounds, maybe shouting or abusive language are usually the prelude to problems heading our way.  No one wants to stop people having fun, but a line has to be drawn when property is threatened or targeted.  Neighbourhood Watch ask everyone to be on the alert for anti-social behaviour. Always check when there is excessive noise and dial 999 when matters seem to be getting out of control.      

Hounslow Community Messaging/Crime Alert Warning Messages

The Metropolitan Police at Chiswick Police Station and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team at Brentford Police Station forward Hounslow Community Messaging ‘Crime Alert Warning Messages’ to Neighbourhood Watches that detail the latest crime trends in Hounslow. 

If you wish to receive ’Crime Alert Warning Messages’ from Neighbourhood Watch, please visit

Metropolitan Police, Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Should you wish to speak privately and in strict confidence to a member of the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, you can meet them at Brentford Library between 5pm and 7pm on the last Thursday of each month with the next opportunity being the 24th June. 

May 31, 2010