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Dukes Meadows Trust will have their share

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A few months ago, readers were asked to vote for Brentford in a new scheme called Community Cashback.

It was reported that the Community Involvement Days in Brentford, won £26,900 to be spent on the following four projects with the fifth (Dukes Meadows) having since found funding).

The Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Stakeholder Group met on the 5th November to decide the allocation of the funds on behalf of the Borough Criminal Justice Group and they decided to share the £29,600 equally between the five projects, giving £5,300 to each of:

 *   Rose Community Centre, Brentford
 *   The Southville Centre, Bedfont
 *   Sutton Lane Bowls/Cricket Club, Heston
 *   Kingsley Road Youth Centre, Hounslow
 *   Dukes Meadow, Chiswick

Dukes Meadow initially said they did not need the money but have changed their mind.  They are still fundraising for an improvement to the water play area for younger children.  It is to install some protective fencing around the sand pit to stop too much sand ending up in the pool.

Dukes Meadows Trust are having a substantial rebuild of their play area, which will hopefully be finished by February 2009. The full details can be seen on their website



November 20, 2009