Labour's Pink Bus Visits Isleworth

Cllr Ruth Cadbury and Dianne Abbot MP have a women to women conversation


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Labour’s Women to Women bus came to Isleworth this week as part of a national tour of more than 70 constituencies in the run up to the election. Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Ruth Cadbury, was on hand to welcome MP Dianne Abbot and former MPs Sylvia Heal and Oona King as they joined Isleworth women for tea and biscuits at the Isleworth Library and Leisure Centre. This is all part of the 4,000,000 conversations that Labour is having between now and May 7. The women in Isleworth wanted to talk to Ruth and the MP’s about a wide range of topics from child care plans under Labour to the number of women MP’s. 

Women to Women bus

Ruth Cadbury said:  "Labour is committed to working towards a 50:50 men and women party because that way we get a balanced political agenda for the good of the country. We’re putting women’s issues right at the heart of the election campaign and don’t forget, Labour has a strong record on issues like childcare, family care, flexible working, equal pay and tackling domestic violence. Under the current Government, women are worse off as a result of many changes to taxation, child and other benefits." 

Diane Abbot said:  "Women know the importance of a strong NHS in caring for their families, about support for families with the cost of childcare and about action on equal pay. That’s why so many women are planning to vote for Labour in May" 

If Labour wins its key battleground seats in London this May, they will have gender parity in the London Parliamentary Labour Party for the first time ever – with as many female MPs as male MPs in London. 

Eight out of twelve of Labour’s candidates in its key battleground seats in London are women – for the Tories, eight out of twelve candidates in these seats are men. 

Ruth Cadbury said: “With this campaign, Labour is showing that it is the only party which will deliver for women in terms of its people, its policies and its politics.  

“This election is a once in a generation choice about who our country works for.  Labour has a better future for women on improving living standards, on making sure our young people have a decent future and on safeguarding and reforming the NHS." 

The message from the meeting was that this election is too important for issues affecting women not to be at the centre of the campaign. At the last General Election over 9 women across the country didn’t vote at all and in London the figure was well over 1 million. The women who came to this event were determined to make sure that didn’t happen again.  

March 6, 2015

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