Searching for Relatives of Cyril J Scott

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Searching for Descendants of Frederick George Jordan

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Cyril J ScottWe have been contacted by Central & Cecil, a not-for-profit housing and care provider based in Waterloo who merged with a charitable trust called Brentford Philanthropic Society in around 1998. This society was formed in 1867.

They were given a bust of a  Cyril J Scott who would seem to have been the President of the Brentford Charitable Trust, after the merger which has been in the Chief Executive's office until now.

The trust is now planning an office move and would like to donate it back to any surviving members of Cyril's family.

Cyril J Scott, Managing Director of Smith's Crisps, was President of Brentford Chamber of Commerce 1937-1940.

It is fair to assume this is the same Cyril J Scott, although confirmation would be nice!

The Bust plaque reads:

Cyril J Scott
Brentford Philanthropic Society
Centenary Year
3rd June 1967

We have asked our Brentford historians to research this but if anyone can help confirm that the two Cyril Scotts are the same person and make any suggestions as to family relatives we would be grateful.

The Trust would like to contact any of his surviving family members to offer them back this bust as it is really nice and might be a precious keepsake for them.

If anyone can offer helpful suggestions as to this , please contact who will forward on such information. 



April 23, 2012

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