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Nuisance bikers, anti-social behaviour and drugs


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In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 101
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services.

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Metropolitan Police

Brentford ward

The Borough has recently launched “Autumn Nights”. This is a borough wide initiative where officers, in particular NPT officers are deployed to conduct regular high visibility patrols in Burglary Hotspots. These areas change according to the daily intelligence and crime mapping analysed by each sector‟s dedicated “Sector Intelligence Officer”. As a result of this initiative a prolific burglar was arrested and is currently in HMP. Autumn Nights will run until 7th February 2015.

Drug Dealing/Using
The team executes at least 2 court issued drugs search warrants every month coordinated by our sector intelligence officer. Residents are encouraged to liaise with the team concerning drug dealings on the sector. The team also work in partnership with LBH, HH teams and DWP executing warrants. Leaflets are distributed in surrounding roads during these Operations, raising awareness in the community.

CCTV cameras are used to combat ASB at known locations. We maintain regular patrols using predictive statistics at known locations across the sector.

As a result of public consultation on the Clayponds Estate regarding ASB, we have launched a dispersal zone in the Clayponds Estate to tackle ASB. This has had a positive impact on the area and the immediate surroundings.

The number of ASB calls have decreased substantially. The dispersal zone will run until 21st February, at which point it can be considered for an extension if it is necessary.

Syon Ward

1. Burglary - All burglaries investigated by response team officers with follow-up enquiries by PCSOs.
2. Theft of Pedal Cycle - Police liaise with STT to carry out bike marking events and provide crime prevention advice to residents, the last one took place at the end of August.
3. Anti-social behaviour - All hotspots are regularly patrolled, and the police CCTV van is regularly deployed to prevent/deter offences. Police monitor issues via Airspace and regularly update victims/informants.

Current locations of concern:

Townfield Way, Isleworth
On the estate next to West Middlesex hospital there is currently an issue with youths riding mopeds up and down the roads, doing wheelies and generally being a nuisance with a possible link to drugs. Regular patrols are conducted on the estate to try and deter these individuals and catch those committing offences. Most recently an FPN for Careless driving was issued to the rider of one of the scooters and a male was stopped and found with cannabis in his possession. He was sent to court and received a community service order.

Primrose Place, Isleworth
A small number of youths are causing a nuisance at the location and in the park area which belongs to residents of Primrose Place, although the general public are permitted to use the park. Police conduct regular patrols in the area and there have been several recent stops and confiscation of alcohol from individuals who were drinking in the street.

Union Lane, Isleworth
There has been anti-social behaviour reported by residents being caused at the location. This has been a mixture of youths coming from on and off the estate as well as adults.

An element of the behaviour was linked to one of the flats at the location which was being used by a known drug user and his friends. This property has had a closure order put in place which was recently extended until January 2015 which provides that no person may be present at the location. Police have been working with Notting Hill Housing on this issue and the housing provider seeking an eviction order. This action has led to a decrease in some anti-social behaviour.

The Residents' association and the Housing provider are working to ensure occupants of the estate are aware of their responsibilities re their children, and to explore providing further means of entertainment for the children to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Police conduct regular high visibility patrols around the estate and engage with the youths and residents where possible.

Brent Lea/ Beech Ave
There has been an issue with mopeds racing up and down Beech Avenue and the surrounding roads. They are also accessing Syon Park through a pedestrian access gate at the end of Brent Lea (next to Syon Park), via London road. Police conduct regular patrols to prevent/deter and try and catch offenders. We are also liaising with the council to get a CCTV camera installed at the Syon park entrance, Brent Lea.

Brentford Lock
There has been an issue with street drinkers at location who can sometimes be noisy and cause litter. Police conduct regular patrols at the location and confiscate alcohol from any persons found to be drinking.

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