High Visibility Patrols and Bank Card Scam

Policing Update for March


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Community Support Officer PCSO Faisal Puttray
Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
Brentford Police Station
Half Acre

Office tel: 020 82475974
020 8721 2533
Mobile tel: 07881723891

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 101
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services.

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Metropolitan Police

Syon and Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Teams are continuing to work hard to deliver a quality service to our local community.

Theft of/from motor vehicle is one of our top priorities. We have started a leaflets campaign all around Brentford area to advice the residence and the local businesses to be vigilant and to remind them to make sure that their cars are locked and secured at all times also to remind them not to leave any valuables including satellite navigations or even loose change on display. Also high visibility patrol is taking place all around Brentford to combat Theft of/from motor vehicle.

Syon and Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team continue to execute drugs warrant in the local area to disrupt drug use and supply in our local community. 

Syon and Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team also took part in operation protect outside local schools to ensure, searches / weapon sweeps, partnership with local CCTV.

High visibility patrol in Brentford High Street was a priority, as well as an appropriate presence around the schools, and robbery hot spots.

Syon and Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Teams are working closely with our local community to ensure the safety and the quality of life for our residents.

We are always happy to receive any comments or criticism to improve our performance. 

Operation CUBO still taking place around the borough to check vehicles insurance and licences.

Important news and warning to all residents and businesses regarding a bank card scam

You receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be from your bank.

He or she will say their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on your card or that your card is due to expire and needs replacing.

 You may be asked to ring back using the telephone number on the back of your card - which further convinces you that the call is genuine. However, the caller keeps the line open at their end so, when you make the call, you are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster.

 Then, by seeming to offer assistance, the fraudster tries to gain your trust. In most cases you are asked to ‘cancel’ your existing card or ‘activate’ or ‘authorise’ a replacement card by keying your PIN into the handset of your phone.

 The fraudster then poses as a bank representative who agrees to collect your card from your home, sometimes offering you a replacement card, which is a fake.

 In some cases a genuine courier company is hired to pick up the card from your home address. The victim will have been asked to place the card into an envelope ready for collection. Once they have your card and PIN the fraudster uses them to spend your money.

 A variation of the scam involves the fraudster ringing a prospective victim and claiming to be from the police – again with the aim of going to the victim’s home to collect the card and PIN.

 What can I do to avoid being a victim of this scam?

 Neither your bank nor the police would ever ring you and state that they are coming to your home to pick up your card, so never hand it over to anyone who comes to collect it.

  • Your bank will NEVER ask you to authorise anything by entering your PIN into the telephone handset.
  • NEVER share your PIN with anyone – the only times you should use your PIN is at a cash machine or when you use a chip and PIN machine in a shop / restaurant.

I think I might have been a victim of this scam - what should I do?

 If the criminals are nearby ring the Police immediately on 999, otherwise report the crime to your local Police via 101.


March 20, 2012

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