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Angry residents called for improvements to local policing services at a hot-tempered meeting. And they are threatening to hire a private security firm if their demands are not met.

The meeting was called by member Robert Ayers to examine problems around Enfield Walk, north of the A4. Around 100 residents crammed into the Lord Nelson pub to question Sector inspector Lindsey Hannigan at a meeting chaired by ward councillor Patrick Edwards.

The residents claimed to be 'swamped by crime' and many told the meeting of their experiences with graffiti, vandalism and burglary.

There was repeated concern that none of the residents had seen the Beat Officer for the area, despite Hannigan's claims that he patrolled the area on a daily basis. There was also dismay that there were only 8 officers assigned to the whole of Brentford and Isleworth and the meeting heard repeated calls for Brentford Police Station to open 24 hours.

Robert Ayers told the meeting that residents were not getting value for the £196 paid to the Metropolitan Police via council tax and that for less money they could hire a private security firm to continually patrol the area.

The meeting concluded with Cllr Edwards promising to investigate the installation of gates down Enfield Walk to combat the problem of noisy scooters being ridden late at night, and to lobby police chiefs to increase the number of foot patrols and introduce night-time presence on local streets.

June 14 2005