Police Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour in Brentford

Curfew of under 16s to control fear of crime

Police at Hounslow have employed a new tactic to tackle anti-social behaviour on the borough. Starting last Saturday (31.7.04), Hounslow Police put into operation the Power to Disperse Groups under Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation. The tactic will initially be used for 6 months in Busch Corner, London Road between Spur Road and Beech Avenue and all roads within the Trees Estate, Brentford.

Police and Police Community Support Officers will have the authority, at any time of the day or night, to disperse groups of two or more, who have, or who are believed to be about to behave in an unacceptable, disruptive and anti-social manner. Any person failing to comply with the directions of the officers, or who returns to the area having been told to leave, may be liable to arrest.

In addition, between the hours of 9pm and 6am, within the designated area, any person found under the age of 16 not being with a responsible person of 18 or over may also be returned to their home by police.


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As a result of consultation with the London Borough Council and Hounslow Homes, the police in Hounslow have been able to compile compelling intelligence identifying target areas and roads in which people have gathered to intimidate and commit acts of anti-social behaviour towards residents and businesses. This behaviour has taken place both during the day and night into the early hours of the morning.

Inspector Lindsey Hannigan at Brentford said:

"The area has suffered from persistent problems of groups engaging in acts of vandalism, graffiti, verbal abuse and unacceptable behaviour towards local residents and businesses. This has severely affected the quality of people's everyday lives.

Posters are on display in the relevant area, roads and shops. Local residents will be receiving literature explaining the Dispersal posters. A poster and map will also be available for viewing at Brentford Police Station. We encourage the support of the local community in helping us to use these powers by contacting the local police with concerns."

Anyone with concerns relating to Anti-Social behaviour in Hounslow, and in particular in the prescribed areas of Busch Corner, London Road between Spur Road and Beech Avenue and all roads within the Trees Estate, Brentford, can contact Hounslow police on 0208 247 5989.

Aug 3 2004

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