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This is a good time for the Brentford Community Council to introduce ourselves again to old and new residents and to remind us all that we have been involved in the development of our community for the last 25 years. We welcome all Brentford residents to join with us in building on that experience and helping to shape our future

The Brentford Community Council (BCC) was originally set up, back in 1988, by Hounslow Council to give local residents a better connection with the officers and members who make the decisions which so influence our environment and our daily lives.

Since then the BCC has become fully independent; but we are still in constant touch with the decision makers and by joining the BCC you can help to influence the way those decisions are made and to make sure that your point of view is heard.

The BCC runs social events and as we grow we hope to expand them. We also rely on a core of people who know and love Brentford and those whose skills help us to make a valuable and well informed input in the decisions which are so important to our community.

The BCC is open to all. Our social meetings are held four times a year and our Planning Consultative Group meets every month. The agenda and all our papers are published on our web site and on BrentfordTW8. If you cannot come to meetings you can contribute by email.

The BCC is only as effective as our members make it. Now Brentford is expanding we need the support of all and we invite you to simply turn up and get involved.

The next planning meetings are Monday February 23rd and Monday March 16th in the Winchester Room (upstairs) at The Griffin, Brook Road South.

Social evenings are Thursday 16 April 2015, Thursday 2 July 2015, and Christmas Dinner, Friday 4 December 2015, all from 7.30pm at The Griffin

February 10, 2015

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