Distraction Burglaries

November update from Neighbourhood Watch

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The home burgled on the north side of Hamilton Road as reported in the last update, was on Friday 17th October, between the hours of 17:00 and 20:00, burgled a second time.  Entry into the property was obtained by forcing open the rear door.  On this occasion the burglar(s) stole a Kindle Tablet, an iMac and a Lap Top.

With the dark nights and Christmas fast approaching, residents are advised to ensure that everything is done to secure their property by checking that all windows and doors are totally secure before leaving the property for any length of time, or retiring at night.   

Hounslow Police wish to warn residents that there have been a number of residential burglaries committed in the Hounslow area where offenders have gained entry into properties through the front door.  In a number of these offences there was no damage done to the door, indicating that the offenders are placing something through the letterbox to operate the inside door lock/handle, enabling the burglar to open the door and enter.  In some cases the burglar(s) have found the residents vehicle keys and in addition to items taken from the home, have stolen the resident's vehicle parked outside.

Brentford Home Games and Litter
With the great increase of gates at Brentford's home games this season following Brentford's promotion  to  The  Championship, Brentford FC,  Hounslow Highways, The Royal Oak, The New Inn, The Princess Royal and The Griffin have joined forces to keep the streets surrounding Griffin Park cleaner.  On match days  temporary litter bins are to be located in the area around Griffin Park, plus there will be an increase of street cleaning.  It is hoped that local businesses in close proximity of Griffin Park will join the scheme.

Possible attempted Distraction Robbery 
On Wednesday 29th October at around 5.30pm, two white youths, a male and a female, in their early 20s, knocked on the front door of a home in Hamilton Road.

When the resident came to the door, the female told the resident that earlier that day they had had their mobile telephone stolen from a school in Isleworth and by using the 'FIND MY PHONE' app, it was showing that the stolen mobile was located at this particular Hamilton Road address. 

The female did all the talking, while the scruffy dressed male stood back and said nothing.

The female told the resident that they had reported the 'theft' to the police at BRENTFORD POLICE STATION.  The resident immediately become suspicious and closed the front door.  Because it was dark and the incident was over very quickly, the resident did not get a good description of the two youths.

Deception and distraction burglars target victims who are helpful and trusting as they are more inclined to believe what they hear. 

For whatever reason do not allow anyone unknown who suddenly appear at your front door with an excuse that they should be allowed to enter.  Watch and listen to them very carefully, try to get a good description, remember CASH, Colour, Age, Sex, Height plus  clothing and then send them away.  If you notice that they have arrived by vehicle, try to get the vehicle registration, dial 101 and advise the police.  A police patrol vehicle will be sent to the area to investigate very quickly.

November 27, 2014

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