Burglaries, Speeding and Scams

March update from Neighbourhood Watch

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'Direct Response Security Systems'

A resident informed Somerset Road Neighbourhood Watch that they had received a telephone cold telephone call from a company called ‘Direct Response Security Systems’  based in the Midlands.  This company appears to be targeting elderly residents living in the TW8 area and using exaggerated scaremongering techniques to persuade the resident to purchase their burglar alarm system.  The cold caller will try to make an appointment for a representative of 'Direct Response Security Systems' to visit the resident to discuss how a burglar alarm system would benefit the home by making it more secure.

Somerset Road Neighbourhood Watch dialled 101 to discuss the matter with the Police and were advised that residents SHOULD NEVER LET ANYONE ENTER YOUR HOME unless YOU have made the first line of enquiry.

Neighbourhood Watch have now learnt that 'Direct Response Security Systems' have been featured on television's 'Watchdog' and 'Rogue Traders' programme. If 'Direct Response Security Systems' or any similar company contacts you by telephone, using hard sell and exaggerated sales techniques, please put the phone down immediately.                    

Theft from a Motor Vehicle in Eastbourne Road
A contractor visiting premises in Eastbourne Road parked their vehicle and before exiting and locking their vehicle, placed their mobile phone in the vehicle's glove compartment.  Minutes later they returned to the vehicle only to find that a side window had been smashed  and the mobile stolen.  Two unknown males, possibly in their mid-40s and wearing T-shirts were seen in the area around the time of the theft, but unfortunately no one saw or indeed heard the crime happen.

Neighbourhood Watch wish to warn everyone of the dangers of leaving anything of value in vehicles as you do not know who is watching your every move.

Speeding Motor Vehicles, Brook Road South
It has been reported to Neighbourhood Watch that two motorists have been seen on numerous occasions driving at aggressive speeds along Brook Road South.  It is thought that these motorists may work locally and use Brook Road South to get to/from work.  If anyone sees someone constantly driving excessively fast in the area, please make a note of the registration number and the make and colour of the vehicle as well as the date and time of the incident and report the matter to the police by dialing 101.  You can also report the matter to our own  Brentford Ward Neighbourhood Police Team.  A visit and a stern warning by a police officer to the driver or drivers concerned could help stop our roads becoming a dangerous race track.

Possible Burglary Attempts in Hamilton Road
In March, a resident noticed an unknown male in the back garden of a neighbour's home in Hamilton Road (North side).  The resident shouted to the unknown male, who disappeared quickly.  

Also in March, a Hamilton Road resident (South Side) reported that the door locks at the back of their house had been tampered with and had to be replaced.  It is thought that the home may have been targeted by burglar(s) who were either unable to force the lock, or during the burglary attempt had been distracted.

Please ensure that your home has adequate protection against burglary. Before retiring each night check that all windows and doors are closed and locked and please ensure that garden shed's containing bicycles and garden machinery/tools are kept locked at all times using a strong padlock.

April 28, 2014

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