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February update from Neighbourhood Watch

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Possible attempted Deception Burglary, Brook Lane North, Brentford
On New Years Eve, a Brook Lane North resident answered the front door to a cold and unknown male caller. The caller asked the resident if their property was connected to electricity and if it was, could they enter the property to check the electricity meter.  The resident was immediately suspicious, closed the door on the mysterious caller and called the police.  The unknown caller was not traced.
Please do not let any unknown cold caller(s) enter your home on whatever pretext. When Distraction Burglaries take place, one burglar would normally gain the victims trust by engaging them in friendly conversation, while the second after being let into the home will roam freely around the property looking for valuable items to steal.

When power companies visit the home to check gas and electricity meters they would normally come alone and carry with them full identification.

Burglary in Isleworth
One Wednesday 8th January, two elderly residents living in Northumberland Gardens, Isleworth answered a call at their front door and were confronted by four men who  forced their way into their home. The men assaulted the residents and threatened them with screwdrivers.  They left their traumatized victims after stealing items, including one piece of jewelry said to be of considerable value. 

In the months leading up to the burglary if is thought that two of the suspects who      carried out this particularly robbery had been knocking on doors in the Northumberland Gardens area asking if residents had odd jobs they could do? 

Burglary and Vehicle Crime Warnings
The Metropolitan Police at Chiswick Police Station are warning residents that there have been several instances of burglaries in the area where entry into the home has been gained through unlocked back doors.  There have also been vehicle break-ins where items left on view inside vehicles have been stolen.

The police recommend that before retiring at night residents ensure that their properties are totally secure.

And leave nothing of value inside vehicles whether it can be seen or not.

Strange Happening in Hamilton Road
Recently a Hamilton Road resident when leaving their house noticed an unknown male rummaging through a neighbour's rubbish/ recycling located in the front garden.  When the resident asked the man what he was doing, the unknown male swiftly left the area.

It is not known why this person was looking through the rubbish/recycling, but one possibility is that they were looking for utility bills, or even an official envelope with a name and address on it to be used for identification theft purposes?

To protect yourself against identity theft, please destroy by shredding or tearing into small pieces any official document(s) like utility bills and envelopes that could be used by thieves to steal identities.       

Possible Robbery on South West Trains
A Hamilton Road resident sat on a South West train from Waterloo to Brentford was startled when a female passenger suddenly fell on top of them. The resident was surprised simply because the train was stationary at the time of the fall and there was no apparent reason for the fall. After the momentary confusion the passenger who fell apologized and left the area.  The resident dismissed the incident as being an unfortunate accident.  

It was only after the resident arrived home did they realize that a bracelet they had been wearing that day, which was of great sentimental value, was missing.  The resident later telephoned South West Trains, plus places visited that day, but the bracelet had not been handed in. 

Although it cannot be said for certain, it is possible that the act of stumbling onto the resident during the train journey was in fact the act of a pickpocket who had targeted the resident's bracelet during the train journey.

Please take considerable care when entering stations, waiting on station platforms, traveling on trains, buses, or simply being in a crowded place, as this is where pickpockets prefer to operate, as their criminal activities are hidden by the confusion   going on around them.  And expert pickpockets can create their own confusion.

February 17, 2014

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