Unintended Consequences of break ins and a hot weather warning

August update from Neighbourhood Watch

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Vehicle Break-in, Hamilton Road
On 10th/11th July between the hours of 17:30pm and 10:30am, a vehicle parked in Hamilton Road and owned by a Hamilton Road resident was broken into.  Nothing of value was kept inside the vehicle, but before exiting the vehicle the thief or thieves pulled out and took away the vehicle’s immobilizer system that prevents the engine being started unless deactivated by a key or token.  The following day when discovering the vehicle had been entered and realising that the immobilizer was missing, the resident had to pay in excess of £200 for a company to visit Hamilton Road to deactivate the system before the vehicle could be started.

Suspicious Behaviour
Shortly after the vehicle break-in mentioned overleaf, a youth was seen cycling along Hamilton Road, talking on his mobile phone and looking into parked vehicles. A concerned resident who witnessed the youth’s suspicious behavior dialed 999 and within minutes a police patrol vehicle arrived in Hamilton Road.  The police located the youth in the Clifden Road area. The outcome is unknown.  

Please look out for suspicious behavior in the area.  If you see anything unusual or suspicious, be prepared to dial 999 and let the police deal with the problem if indeed there is a problem.     

Open Windows
The necessity during the hot weather to keep windows open, both day and night to allow cool air to circulate around the home comes with a warning as both opportunist and career burglars alike enjoy nothing more than a seemly empty property that has a window or door left open or unlocked.  Even a small top window left open would allow a   burglar the opportunity to lean through to reach for the handle of a larger window that they could then open; giving them access into the property.

Once gaining entry, burglars will act quickly and silently, looking for easy but valuable items to take.  They could also take vehicle keys left laying around, allowing them the opportunity to steal the resident’s vehicle should it be parked outside or near the home.

The situation is far worse if the home is empty at the time of the break-in.  The burglar(s) will have more time to pick and choose what they want to steal.  They know every hiding place and will have no sympathy ransacking properties.
Ladders and step ladders left on-view or unchained in front or back gardens are also a bonus for burglars as this would give them to access to upper windows.  If ladders or step ladders are to be kept in gardens or at the side of a property, chain them to a solid object. If ladders/step ladders are kept in a shed ensure that the shed is securely locked using a heavy duty padlock.  

Please ensure to check that your property is totally secure before going out and/or before retiring each evening and if there is a necessity to leave a window open when retiring, check any strange noise you hear during the night as you could possibly have an unwelcome visitor.

Theft of Personal Items in London
The theft of personal items in public places in London is a continuing problem, but such thefts could happen anywhere.   Please do not drop your guard when visiting bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, bus/train stations or indeed any busy public place.  Keep wallets, purses, electronic devices, mobile phones, briefcases and handbags near you at all times, never let them out of your sight as they are the favorite target for opportunist and distraction thieves.   On warm evenings, if you are sat in a bar or restaurant, don’t hang your jacket on the back of the seat if it has a wallet in it.  

Brentford Crime Comparison Website
Please visit the above website for the latest information regarding crime in Brentford.

August 9, 2013

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