Mugging, Robberies and Online Fraud

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Brentford High Street Robbery
At around 8.45pm on Saturday 4th May, a young Brentford female resident traveling home alone from Richmond on the top deck of a 65 bus noticed three hooded youths get on the bus at Kew Bridge.  The resident immediately became concerned when the youths entered the top deck and sat in seats surrounding her.  Nothing happened on the bus, but when the resident got off the bus in Brentford High Street oppositeAlbany Parade, the 3 youths followed behind her.

The resident crossed Brentford High Street and when walking past Albany Parade towards Morrisons, the youths grabbed the resident from behind, covering her mouth and stealing her handbag containing cash, credit cards and a mobile phone.  The three youths quickly disappeared, leaving their victim badly shaken. 

The police were called but the 3 hooded attackers were not found. 

When traveling alone day or night don’t drop your guard.  Be constantly aware of your surroundings.  Members of the public engrossed in mobile phone conversations or listening to music on their iPods in public are much less aware of what’s going on around them.  Criminals are very quick to spot what electronic device is being used and will attack their victim and steal the device when their victim is least expecting it.

Plant Theft
A Brentford resident was dismayed recently when they went into their front garden and noticed that a potted Yucca Tree had been stolen.  Items such as potted plants and garden ornaments occasionally disappear from our gardens but it is unclear if the thefts are part of some drunken caper by revelers who dump the plant along the way, or if   the item is stolen to be sold by the thief.  Please be warned if you have a favourite plant  or ornament in your garden.       

Vehicle Broken Into, Saturday 14th May
During the night of Saturday 14th May, thieves forced open the door of a locked vehicle parked in Hamilton Road (Windmill Road end) and stole items inside.  Little is known of the theft as the vehicle was apparently owned by a visitor to the area.   

Residents and visitors are reminded to remove all valuable items from their vehicles, even if the items cannot be seen by passers by.

Identification Theft and other Frauds
Recently a Hamilton Road resident had an unpleasant surprise when they learnt that fraudsters had used their identification to obtain a Barclays loan which was then used to purchase an Apple computer.  The fraudsters also went so far as to set up a Facebook account in their victim’s name, causing the resident further inconvenience.  

In a recent case of credit card fraud, a Credit Card Company noticed ‘unusual activity’   taking place on a Hamilton Road resident’s credit card account.  The credit card company telephoned the resident to ask if they were using their card to purchase a Dell lap top and other electrical equipment in Eastern Germany.  The resident knew nothing about the misuse of their credit card, so the credit card company placed an immediate stop on the resident’s card.

The resident last used the credit card when purchasing Brentford v Yeovil Town Play Off Final tickets from a company called ‘Ticket Zone’ based in Barnstable. It has now become apparent that a number of Brentford supporters using the same ‘Ticket Zone’ website to purchase Play Off Final tickets have had their bank/credit card details used by fraudsters.

It is recommended never use a bank debit card to purchase items on the internet.  It is far safer to use a credit card where you are offered more protection from fraudsters.

May 22, 2013

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