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Sex Pest in the Boston Manor and Osterley area
The police are asking residents for help to find a man who has committed a number of sexual offenses on women in the Boston Manor and Osterley areas.  In each case a lone white male, aged between 20 and 40, height between 5ft 8in and 5ft 10in and wearing a dark hooded coat and on occasion wearing a beanie hat with scarf, has approached females and asked offensive questions. On three occasions the offender has carried out a sexual assault.  There have been at least 7 known female victims.

If anyone has any information on the above, please call Hounslow CID, 020 8247 6160 or CRIMESTOPPERS, 0800 555 111.  

Smartphones and tablets
The latest smartphones and tablets are becoming favourite targets for opportunist thieves. On average 314 mobile telephones are stolen each day in London, approximately half of which are iPhones.  Victims are being targeted by thieves who are prepared to attack their victims quite openly.  Children traveling to and from school seen using the latest electronic devices are particularly vulnerable.  The theft can be carried out by a lone individual, or thieves operating in groups of two or more.  In each case the theft will be quick with threats of violence made.  It is very unwise to use any electronic equipment openly in public areas and it is recommended that they should never be used near underground/rail stations or bus stops/terminals. Do not become engrossed in telephone conversation or music when using a mobile phone or iPad.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep a constant look out for anyone, including lone cyclists who appear to be taking an interest in what you are doing.  If anyone stops you to ask the time, never look at the clock on your mobile to give it to them.

Vandalism, Verbal Abuse and Intimidation in Hamilton Road
Following a recent Brentford home game, several football supporters returning home after the game were attacked in Hamilton Road and two garden gates in Hamilton Road were vandalized.  A Hamilton Road resident who tried to stop the violence was verbally abused.  Fortunately Hamilton Road residents who witnessed the incident dialed 999 and police officers on duty near Griffin Park were quickly on the scene.  Although the main instigator of the trouble had left the area, they were later identified and arrested.
Should you witness similar problems any time of the day or week, please be prepared to dial 999. 

Another Case of Strangers Asking For Money (£1)
There has been another case of a stranger, this time a lone female, stopping people and/or knocking on doors asking residents if they can spare £1 so that they can get to their destination.  The requests always come with a story aimed at gaining sympathy for their plight. Please refuse financial help to anyone you do not know who stops you in the street or who knocks on your front door.  Direct them instead to Brentford Police Station and ask them to seek assistance there.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)
The MPS have two informative websites, plus a Twitter address to keep members of the public up to date with crime issues.

1. Metropolitan Police Service, Hounslow
The above website will keep residents fully up to date with crime issues and crime prevention advice in Hounslow Borough.

2. Metropolitan Police Service
The above website offers total crime prevention advice. 

3. Twitter
With regards to crime issues in Hounslow Borough, you can also be kept up to date on Twitter at the Twitter address shown above.


February 5, 2013

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