July's Newsletter from Brentford's Lead Neighbourhood Watch

Working Together For Our Continued Safety

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Neighbourhood Watch

Kathy Riley 075 0630 9810 or 020 8247 5939 is Brentford’s Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999
For all NON emergency calls use 101
If you have no mobile signal, 999 will NOT work but 112 will put you straight through to the emergency services. 112 will also work anywhere in Europe.

Policing Pledge (pdf)

Community Safety

CRIMESTOPPER 0800 555 111 www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Contact Information:
Police Sergeant Christopher Jones
Community Support Officer PCSO Faisal Puttyraj
Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
Brentford Police Station
Half Acre

Office tel: 020 82475974
020 8721 2533

Mobile tel: 07881723891

Safer Neighbourhoods

Police Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) Anti-Terrorist hotline 0800 789 321

Hounslow Council Weekend Noise Team: 020 8583 2222

Report a Crime: 0300 123 1212

Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert    www.met.police.uk/fraudalert

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2011/12 Soccer Season
Brentford FC’s season kicks off on Saturday 6th August, with a home game against Yeovil Town.  Extra police will be on duty before and after all home games, but to assist the police, residents in the immediate vicinity are asked to be on constant alert for any possible problems in the area both before and after home games.  Please keep all green recycling bins containing bottles out of sight from passers by and be prepared to dial 999 both day and night at the first sign of a possible outbreak of trouble.

Unsuccessful Attacks on Women Near to the River Thames
There have been three separate reports of attacks on lone females near to the River Thames at Barnes, Kew and Twickenham.  

On two occasions the man is reported to have grabbed two females who managed to get free, while a third female reported to the police that a man made an unsuccessful attempt to grab her. 

The attacks took place on Saturday 4th June and Sunday 19th June, in areas popular with walkers, dog walkers, joggers and cyclist.  Police are warning people, especially females out on their own, to be extremely vigilant.  Be careful of your surroundings and who is around you.

The attacker is described as being around 6ft tall and aged between 25 and 35 with short hair.

The police are carrying out forensic examinations on items known to have been touched by the man during these incidences.

General Crime
Residents are warned that as the economy slows, crime such as burglaries, robberies, muggings, thefts from gardens, pick-pocketing, theft of bicycles, interfering with motor vehicles and thefts of unattended mobile phones and wallets are increasing.  Residents are again asked to remain vigilant at all times.  If going out even for a short period of time ensure that all windows are closed and secured and front and back doors locked.  Make certain that nothing of value is left on view and unattended inside motor vehicles.  Report all crime to the police no matter how minor that crime may seem.

Chiswick Police ‘Deployment Team’
A new Metropolitan Police ‘Deployment Team’ team has been set up at Chiswick Police Station that will cover policing requirements for both Chiswick and Brentford.   Other changes have seen the Brentford and Syon Safer Neighbourhoods Team combine with the Isleworth and Osterley Safer Neighbourhoods Team, based at Brentford Police Station.

‘Joint Forces’
The Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Brentford TW8 and Neighbourhood Watch will in future work together to keep residents up to date should there be any significant increase of crime levels in our area.  

July 21, 2011