Mission Church on the Syon Estate in danger

Campaigners fight to prevent sale of building

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Campaigners are calling on Brentford residents to help save the Syon Mission Church on the Syon Estate.

The Shaftesbury Society owns the building in which Syon Mission Church meets. Unfortunately, the Society is facing some serious financial difficulties. They have decided that the only way to deal with their mounting debt is to sell some of their property. The building is one of the buildings that they have decided to sell.

There are several possibilities; 1) a developer might buy the building, knock it down and build flats or houses 2) another church may buy it and the Mission Church could merge with them, or rent space from them to carry on our own services 3) the Mission could buy the building.

There are a number of restrictions on the land and building, so that if a developer were to buy the plot, they would be limited in what they could do with it. Whatever happens, the land must have a community use as part of any future development. Therefore, it would include a community hall, or something similar.

Campaigners are looking into a number of possibilities, and are trying to prevent the sale, or at least limit its impact on the estate, and to their church. They are determined that Syon Mission Church will continue to hold services, either in the present building or another venue on or near the estate.

Residents are asked to write to Mr Mike Langworth, The Shaftesbury Society, 16 Kingston Road, SW19 or send an e-mail to him at MLangworth@shaftesburysoc.org.uk if you would like to support this valuable community resource.

June 7 2005