Mary Macleod Discusses A2Dominion in Parliament

GWQ bosses to provide personal meetings to residents following MPís action


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Local MP Mary Macleod has secured a promise from A2Dominion to provide individual surgery meetings with residents to discuss their service charges.

At a meeting hosted by Mary in Parliament, she, along with three other London MPs, raised a number of issues about the way in which A2Dominion manage their properties, in particular GWQ, which has high service charges. Residents are concerned that the charges are not properly explained and that itemised bills are not being issued.

Mary was able to secure a promise from Leasehold Services Director Steve Michaux and Group Housing Director Dawn Wightman to offer meetings between residents and A2Dominion to discuss the service charges once they have been issued in February. Mary pushed for A2Dominion to be as open as possible about where service charges were being spent.

Although “technical difficulties” with the website prevented A2Dominion from uploading itemised bills for works at the new development, work is now underway to ensure that residents can see bills for repairs that will eventually be uploaded to the website. In the meantime, residents can either see the individual invoices in the onsite office, or they can pay for a copy to be sent to them by post.

Mary, who has been pressing A2Dominion for a long time on the clarity of the service charges, said:

“I am delighted that our suggestion for individual meetings between residents and A2Dominion have been agreed.  Although there is still much to be done to ensure that A2Dominion are being transparent with their costs, this action will at least give residents the chance to raise their concerns directly with A2Dominion. A2Dominion really need to respond more quickly to GWQ residents - and with real long term solutions, not just temporary fixes.

“I want to continue to encourage people to write to me with specific problems so that I can keep pushing A2Dominion to provide the services that residents deserve.”

January 12, 2015

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