Vote for your local hero in Brentford in 2010?

Nominate your local hero and they could be celebrating the New Year with a bottle of bubbly courtesy of

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Eva Cowen
Andrew Dakers
Torron Dewar
Jan Jones
Linda Massey
Julia Quilliam free polls
Further to our request for nominations for a "local hero" we have had several nominations for Brentford. As they are all such wonderful people we decided to put up a poll to see what people thought. Some have received multiple nominations and they appear in alphabetical order:

Eva Cowen

Eva works hard to ensure the welfare of the residents in our area.  She regularly visits the elderly living alone to make sure that they are well and secure and ensuring that they are not conned by rogue salespeople.  She also takes care of peoples homes while they are away and runs errands for the sick and elderly.  She is always there for people in need. She also visits local schools to teach children cycling proficiency.

Andrew Dakers

He works painstakingly for the good of all and kick starts so many initiatives; after a huge campaign to get elected as parliamentary candidate for this part of London and local council elections and being unsuccessful;  in the face of adversity he turned his energies into making a difference in both the High Street Traders and now his kick starting a project for the youth of the town.  He clearly is a positive person to have around nothing diminishes his insatiable appetite to help others in spite of the disappointments over the past 18 months and always bounces back.  He sets an example to all of us.

Torron Dewar and ADU

Torron has made a hugh impact on many ages in and around the borough  with his street dancing unit. He has dance classes teaching children from 8 years and up, all the way to people in their 60's! he loves teaching all aged students and turning them into confientdent dancers to be able to perform in and around the borough

Jan Jones

Jan is stepping down as Secretary of Friends of Boston Manor (which is transforming into a charity) after initially setting up the group and many years of hard work and sessions in the cafe.

Linda Massey

She has been the driving force behind the Brentford Festival for the past five years, during which the Festival has grown bigger and better all the time, attracting people from all over the borough and beyond.  She has also been amazingly active in the Friends of Boston Manor, and especially in the Pavilion Cafe, which has raised funds for many improvements in the Park.

Julia Quilliam

Julia's energy and determination for fundraising and promoting Brentford is inspiring - help with moving the war memorial, the Christmas lights and Brentford is Brilliant campaign to mention a few!

Is there someone else you know who has made a positive contribution to the Brentford community in 2010?

Perhaps they live on your road and have helped you or your neighbours, maybe they volunteer and work quietly with very little recognition all year.

It could be a group striving to make Brentford a better place or maybe there is someone who has done their bit already.

We are asking you to send in any nominations (and reasons why) to by the end of January 2011 or post them on the forum and that person / group will be celebrating the New Year with a bottle of bubbly courtesy of


February 11, 2011

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