"Fight To The Finish" say Hounslow Lib Dems

Will the local contest go right to the wire?


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In a campaign that has seen the Liberal Democrats overtake Labour in this constituency at the bookies – and receive endorsement from local resident, actor and campaigner Colin Firth – it is now clear that the local contest on Thursday 6th May will go right to the wire. Cllr Andrew Dakers, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Brentford & Isleworth Constituency, the main challenger to both Labour and Conservatives, says every vote for the Liberal Democrats will count more than ever this time.

Cllr Andrew Dakers, Liberal Democrat prospective MP, said:

“Ann Keen has been losing support for over a decade. She is a deeply unpopular MP. With a swing of 9% again from Labour to the Lib Dems we can provide people with a new approach and more accessible representation in Parliament.

“Over the past few weeks we have experienced a phenomenal ground swell of support with financial donations, new volunteers and poster sites flowing in thick and fast. This election is now going right to the wire.

“Brentford and Isleworth needs real change. I have been rooted in the community my entire life, people know me as a hard-working local councillor and a committed environmentalist.

“If elected as your new MP, I will work with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats to ensure that change comes about. A fairer tax system. A fair chance for every child. A fair future: creating jobs by making Britain greener. A fairer voting system where you have the right to sack your MP.

“It is time for a fundamental change in British politics. Labour promised electoral reform in 1997 but failed to deliver it. The Conservatives are opposed to it. Both Labour and Conservative supported the de-regulation of the financial sector that led to the economic crisis. Only the Lib Dems warned against it.

“Don’t let the old parties scare you with their negative attacks. Don’t let the old parties tell you that things can’t be different. They can be.

“With your support on tomorrow Britain can have real change with the Liberal Democrats.”

The Liberal Democrat National Manifesto can be downloaded here. Andrew Dakers' campaign can be followed at www.andrewdakers.com and he will be ‘Tweeting’ throughout Election Day @andrewdakers which can be seen http://www.twitter.com/andrewdakers if you do not have a twitter account.


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