Anger in Isleworth Over Flooding From River

Thames Water accused of failing to clear up after collapse of wall at Mogden

Cllr Salman Shaheen visits the river and says the state was unacceptable.
Cllr Salman Shaheen visits the river and says the state was unacceptable.


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Isleworth residents are furious that ducks and wildlife are “floating around in trash” in the river near their homes as the fallout of a major flooding incident continues.

The Duke of Northumberland River has been littered with plastic and glass waste, with water and wood clogging at the Kendal Bridge creating a “dam-effect”, according to nearby resident Allison Stevens, who is a member of Friends of Silverhall Park.

The 60-year-old is “very disappointed” at the delays from Thames Water in cleaning up the waste, following the collapse of a wall at its Mogden sewage treatment centre on 30 January after heavy rain.

Some residents in Mill Plat had their homes and gardens flooded with “disgusting black” sewage water, but the river has also been suffering the consequences.

Allison said, “What has happened since the flooding a lot of debris has come from Mill Plat into the next section of the river…it’s terrible we have got some ducks and moorhens living there, it’s terrible for them.”

And amid worries of the impact of the materials degrading in the water, she added, “Ducks are in danger, they are trying to scramble over lots of terrible waste.”

Rubbish in Silverhall Park has been a concern flagged by residents. Picture: Christine Diwell

The volunteer at Silverhall Park said the clear-up is the type of work that needs to be done professionally, and warned Thames Water should not “rely on a little band of volunteers” to deal with the aftermath.

She said, “The river is pretty disgusting at the moment. It’s the kind of rubbish we can’t shift.”

Ward councillor Salman Shaheen is urging Thames Water to finish the job properly as he says some clean-up operations have taken place in the weeks following the incident, but that so far Silverhall Park has been missed.

“It’s a beautiful park and fantastic area for nature but the river and the waterbank has been utterly destroyed,” he said.

“I’m trying to put as much pressure as I possibly can now for Thames Water to clean up their act and clean up the park.”

A spokesperson for Thames Water said the company has offered to remove any sewage and river litter from all affected properties and that they spent several days removing the bulk of sewage litter caught in the foliage in the Duke of Northumberland River.

They added, “A specialist company will now conduct a more thorough clean from the spill site right to the end of the river. This work is due to start by the middle of next week.

“We will also carry out surveys to assess the impact on the river and will be asking local groups to help us with these.”

Cllr Shaheen also shared concerns that residents were unhappy about being told by the water provider that they should claim further works on their insurance after the basic clean-up carried out by the company.

The Thames Water spokesperson added, “This must have been a really horrible experience, and we sympathise with everyone affected, but this incident was caused by extreme weather, rather than a failure by Thames Water and we would be happy to speak with any insurance company to explain that this was an unprecedented event.

“We have also contacted each of the households affected by the flooding to offer a goodwill payment in recognition of what happened.”

Anahita Hossein-Pour- Local Democracy Reporter

March 2, 2021

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