Residents form Council Scrutiny Group

LBHWatch would like to hear about people's concerns

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Possibly following in the traditions of MayorWatch and Boris Watch, LBHWatch has been established to watch over the London Borough of Hounslow.

The group is initially comprised of Ian Speed, David Pavett - Campion Concerns, Desmond Begley - Osterley Residents, Christine Diwell - Isleworth Society, Nick Marbrow - Heston Residents, Phil Andrews - ICG, Dominic West - St John's Residents Assoc and Jerry Folkson - Labour and their introductory message explains what they're all about:

"Following the local elections at which all community and third party representation on Hounslow council was wiped out and replaced with a classic 2 party system only, a group of concerned residents have formed to address any democratic or performance deficits the London Borough of Hounslow may have in administering or delivering its services in your area. The issue that has caught the imagination of most members of the group is Planning, as administered by the Environment & Planning Department and the local Area and council wide Strategic Development Committees. However, we would be very happy to hear from any citizen who has concerns about the way LB Hounslow delivers or administers its services.

"We are in the process of designing a website with the following key elements:

  • A high level section for borough wide issues such as Customer Service standards.
  • The key contentious issues for each of the Area Committees (mainly planning issues and traffic management I would suppose). 
  • A self-help section giving residents a guide as to whom to write to or complain to if they are not happy about a way a service is being delivered or administered.

"We would be interested from hearing from any member of the Hounslow Borough Community who would like to contribute concerns via email or attend one of our meetings. The next meeting is on the evening of Monday 2nd August.

"We have created an email address at Please email us or text/leave a message on 07835 379595 if you wish to attend a meeting. "

LBH Watch – Aims & Objectives

  • We believe Hounslow council services should be run according to best practice within the law.
  • We believe council officers, however senior, should be fully answerable to councillors and local residents and taxpayers.
  • We believe in greater democratic leadership and outward accountability for decision-making to local people.
  • We believe that council staff and members should respond to residents’ concerns in a prompt, honest and comprehensive manner and act with impeccable integrity at all times.
  • We believe Hounslow council services should be delivered as transparently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • We encourage members and officers to adhere to the spirit of the Motion on Community Empowerment as approved unanimously by the previous council.


July 21, 2010

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