TfL "not interested in local roads"

Ignoring calls to minimise congestion following partial re-opening of flyover

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Labour’s Councillor Cadbury has expressed her anger that Transport for London  have reneged on their promises to prevent congestion in Chiswick and Brentford as a result of the problems with Hammersmith flyover.  She alleges that TfL, under Boris Johnson, are not interested in local roads, and their recent actions have made the situation worse.

The Hammersmith flyover is now operating with one lane each way, and is closed to heavy vehicles, but the congestion levels have not eased.  TfL have removed warning signs that were previously advising drivers to avoid the A4 into London so now the A4 is at a standstill in the mornings as far back as the M4 and traffic is diverting to the Chiswick High Road, and other local road.   M4 drivers are being told that the flyover is open.   HGVs and large coaches unable to use the flyover are adding to the problem, and TfL have reset the traffic signals back to normal settings, meaning north/south links such as Sutton Court Road are completely solid at peak hours.

Councillor Cadbury said “TfL, led by Boris Johnson, seem to have no interest in the impact their actions have on local communities and businesses, and have reneged on specific promises.  They should balance their interests in the A4 with that of local roads and town centres.  As a council we are required by TfL, to do our bit to ensure that buses can move freely and that cyclists and other road users are safe.  But their response to this situation suggests their priorities are elsewhere”

She added, “They promised at the public meeting on 14th January, to divert traffic away from the A4, and to improve their communications.  They have ignored their commitment.  To add insult TfL’s website continue to promote First Great Western as the only public transport option and ignores their own tube, and other rail services.  Boris Johnson, who is ultimately responsible for TfL’s actions, should consider all travellers, and not just car drivers using major through roads.”


January 26, 2012

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