MP Calls for Early End to Trial

Ruth Cadbury MP urges a six month end to Church Street closure trial

Protestors at January 30th march, courtesy South Street


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Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford and Isleworth has met with the leader of the Council Steve Curran to ask for a review of the closure of Church Street after six months.

Since the controversial closure of Church Street residents and commuters have been complaining about the added traffic, with many speaking of additional delays of 30-60 minutes.

Ruth Cadbury said in response to talks: "Since the trial began, I have met with constituents, local businesses and with the Council to attempt to understand the issue from all angles. Having read the traffic modelling report commissioned by the Council, it was clear that the extra burden on Twickenham Road would cause disruption, and this has proven to be the case. Many residents wrote to me concerned about the extra traffic on a road that was already operating at full capacity. Many are worried about extra pollution, especially at Busch Corner were pollution levels are already above prescribed limits.

The closure has also had an effect on access to West Middlesex Hospital. Although the Ambulance Service was consulted prior to the decision and raised no objections, some residents and staff at the hospital are worried that not enough was done to work with the management of the hospital to accurately gauge the impact of the closure. Access to local schools has similarly been mentioned to me frequently, and local businesses are struggling with delayed commutes for their staff and problems with deliveries arriving on time. I still feel that the trial closure is worthwhile, as it will inform the final decision and hopefully settle the issue. However the current level of disruption is severe, and is adversely affecting the community.

For these reasons, I have met with Leader of the Council Steve Curran and have asked that the Council end the trial period after 6 months rather than the planned 18 months. I will continue to meet with residents who are both for and against the closure, and will be monitoring the situation closely. I would encourage constituents to contact me to share their views."


February 4, 2016

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is February 4, 2016