Octink Looking at Moving Out

Traffic Delays due to Church Street Closure


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Will Tyler of Brentford printing firm Octink is absolutely furious with the impact from the closure of Church Street.

His staff often travel quite a distance as they cannot afford to live locally and the impact of the road closure after less than a week is making them think about polishing their CVs.

It is expected that travel will get slightly easier as those who can find other routes but in the meantime many journeys at peak time have an extra 30-40 minutes.

Traffice Queues

Will has complained to Hounslow, saying "At this point you may get your wish of driving people off the roads in the area as I have now thrown in the towel as the council will not listen to reason, I am going to look to move the business out to Sunbury. These are key members of personnel that are looking to leave as you have effectively pushed things too far.

"We will relinquish all support to the local community through our directorships of Spark and Cultivate London as soon as we find a suitable site.

"I hope you are pleased with the results of this little exercise by the end of your 18 month trial we will be gone and some more flats can go up.

"I am utterly furious with the lot of you I hope the like of Sky and GSK feel the same if only because you may listen to them".

Local residents have been sharing their commuting woes on the Isleworth Community to re-open Church Street Facebook page.

Emma said it took her 45 minutes to get out of her road in Harcourt Close and it then took another 45 to get onto North Street.

Travel times of 45 minutes between Gillette and Busch corner have been reported with tailbacks up the Twickenham Road affecting London Road, the Great West Road and any possible alternative route.

North St, which was a fairly quiet road is now being used by drivers seeking a way through.

Queues are building up from 3 o'clock with the school traffic continuing into the evening.

Sharon on BrentfordTW8.com's forum said that southbound traffic from Gillette corner are turning right onto London Road at Busch corner when they see the queue ahead. Right turns aren't allowed.

The petition to not close Church Street has over 1,800 signatures to date.


December 18, 2015

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