Alleged Historical Abuse not Substantiated

No evidence of Jimmy Savile visiting the Little Ride


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A report on an investigation into accusations of abuse by Jimmy Savile has been published on Thursday 26 February.

Hounslow Council was asked to investigate three allegations made by an adult (referred to as XX) in 2013 to Cambridgeshire Police, which were forwarded to the Metropolitan Police as part of the Operation Yewtree investigation,

XX alleged that he had been sexually assaulted by Jimmy Savile on three occasions between the ages of 4 and 5 while he was a resident at a children’s home, later confirmed to be the Little Ride, Brentford.

Following a thorough investigation; no evidence of Jimmy Savile visiting the Little Ride during the time that XX was a resident was found. There were also no media reports highlighting a visit by Jimmy Savile to Little Ride, or anywhere else in Hounslow, during the period in question.

As the investigation team could find no evidence to corroborate the allegations made by XX, it was not possible to conclude that the alleged incidents had taken place. With no evidence to contradict the allegations the investigation team could also not conclude that the alleged incidents did not take place.

XX has been offered extensive support by adults services in Cambridgeshire. Hounslow Council has, with the consent of XX, liaised with the GP and other counselling services in the area where XX now lives. A package of support for XX remains in place.

An independent reviewer with a background in police investigation skills carried out the investigation and review of procedures, working alongside Hounslow’s head of safeguarding children and quality assurance.

Following on from the investigation, a guidance note highlighting the standards to be applied to celebrities, dignitaries, local and national politicians and benefactors has been issued to key council staff and will be incorporated into the existing procedures manual.

This guidance note emphasises that no privileged access to children should be given to any person by virtue of their celebrity status within the community.

Cllr Tom Bruce, cabinet member for education and children’ services, Hounslow Council said: “We will investigate every disclosure or allegation that a child might be at risk. And we work with families to make sure they get all the support they need. Anyone suffering from abuse or with concerns about a child or a family can contact us confidentially on our 24 hour child protection telephone line 020 8583 3456 or email us at Abuse in any form is unacceptable and we can stop it from happening.”

Download the full report (pdf)

March 6, 2015

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