Brentford Town Centre Decision This Thursday

Brentford High Street Steering Group issues calls for leafleteers


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Brentford High Street Steering GroupThe Brentford High Street Steering Group have produced a leaflet reminding people that the Planning Committee meet this Thursday evening to decide on Ballymore's planning application for land south of the high street.

Fearful that not enough people will know about the meeting volunteers are sought to deliver leaflets over the weekend through letterboxes. The leaflet can be downloaded in pdf form.

What is best?

Andrew Dakers, Chair of BHSSG said, "For, against or wanting modifications to Ballymore's proposals for Brentford town centre, this is a community that cares. But does everyone know that the critical decision is about to be made?" 

"If you want to help make sure that local residents - your neighbours - know that the key planning decision will be made next Thursday 27 November, 7.30pm at Hounslow Civic Centre then help deliver leaflets this weekend.  Collect a bundle for your street from 206 High Street, Brentford or email to arrange a drop off."


November 21, 2014

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