Isleworth residents record plane noise in new EU Project

Four weeks of noise monitoring to exemplify noise pollution

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The project is supported by the European Union research project Everyaware, University College London and Mapping for Change

Widenoise application - Widenoise is a free smartphone application that you can run on your Android or iPhone which can send sound level data to the Isleworth noise map.

 Isleworth Noise Map (This is where all the data will be displayed):

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A European Union supported project is due to be launched on Tuesday 19th June in Isleworth at 7pm at Isleworth Public Hall. The project, a collaboration between UCL (University College London) and HACAN (Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise), aims to enable the local community around Isleworth to do something about the problem of noise pollution caused by living under the Heathrow Airport flightpath.

Recordings will be made through new technology which has been developed for smartphones that will allow easy measuring of noise levels which immediately place the data on an online map and can be shared by all.

Over a period of 4 weeks starting from the public launch event, residents of Isleworth are being encouraged to record their personal exposure to noise by using the phone application to create a collective local map of Isleworth. The idea is to enable local residents to demonstrate the levels of noise they are actually exposed to based on their own data collection.

UCL project community officer Joe Ryle said:

“What makes this project exciting is that it gives communities the capability of doing something about the problem of noise pollution for themselves by collecting their own noise readings. If the project is successful we could have thousands of people under the Heathrow flight path doing something to combat their concerns around noise from planes”.

HACAN chair John Stewart said:

“The project will include the first few weeks of the 'operational trials’ due to start on 1st July.  It will give residents a really useful way measuring the impact of the trials.”

June 15, 2012