Brentford Chemists Visit Cadbury World

Chocolate can arouse an interest in STEM subjects

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On 23rd January 2014 a party of Brentford Sixth Form chemistry students  visited Cadbury World. 

The aim of this trip was to show the students that chemistry is not an isolated science and that it is used in the manufacturing process. The trip not only showed the students some of the production process, they also had a talk from Cadbury’s chief education officer.  They were told about the different opportunities that were available to them as students of STEM subjects. 

A field that had perhaps not been obvious to the students was taste testers and it was obvious that this was appealing to some of the girls!  Who would not want to spend their time tasting the chocolate?The girls were told that most food industry employed these in order for the taste of their product to be consistent.  Consistency as well as safety and health were key in order not to upset the consumer. 

The girls were surprised to learn that despite the formula not changing, the change in shape that Cadbury had made to their chocolate had changed the taste.  They were also shown how food scientists test the product as well as being able to identify where any contaminant came from using such tests as infra-red analysis.  A passionate discussion also happened on the possibility and cost of the ‘recall’ of a product.  Chemistry is not just a subject in the lab but it is all around us including in the food that we enjoy!

February 3, 2014

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