Briefing on Council Proposals for Brentford

Windmill Road Action Group to explain it all this Saturday

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The Council has published its consultation proposals for Reynard Mills. 

These are in a 220 page Local Plan document which also sets out proposals for the development of our area over the next fifteen years.  As well as Reynard Mills, the Council plan also includes proposals for the provision of school places, health facilities and addressing flooding & sewage, road congestion and improving the local bus services.

The Council is inviting comments on their proposals, including suggestions as to how they could be improved and possible alternatives.

Windmill Road Action Group will be holding a drop-in briefing session on the proposals this Saturday.  It will be at:

St Faith’s Church, Windmill Road

This Saturday 6th July

From 11am to 3.30pm

The Council has included the following roads of low rise Victorian and Edwardian housing in an “area of growth and regeneration” in its key map on page 31
of the Council’s draft Local Plan:
Eastbourne Road,
Challis Road,
Adelaide Terrace,
York Road,
Layton Road,
Glenhurst Road,
Orchard Road,
Church Walk North.

All, or part, of the last three roads are also included in an overlapping “growth of employment hub”.

This consultation is the opportunity for residents to ask for these roads to be removed from the growth, regeneration and employment hub areas.

The consultation is our chance to have our say as to what should happen to Brentford.  So it’s vital that as many residents as possible respond to the Council’s consultation, which ends on Friday 26th July.

There is more information on the Council Website or on here

Residents can suggest alternatives to the Council’s proposals, or ways in which they could be improved.

Key proposals include:
Promoting growth and regeneration along the Great West Road
Corridor, including in existing low rise areas (Q 21 & Q 25)
Tall buildings (Q 45)
Additional housing (Q 26)
Provision of school places (Q 58)
Provision of health facilities (Q61)
Flooding and sewage (Q 71)
Highways congestion (Q 74)
Improvements to the bus network (Q 75)
Air pollution (Q 73)
Infrastructure delivery (Q 8)
Regeneration of Brentford Town Centre (Q 10)
Subdivison of family housing and conversions (Q 30 & Q 34)
Density of new housing and character of local neighbourhood (Q 31)
Minimum garden space for new housing (Q 33)
Infill developments on back gardens (Q 36)
Design of new buildings and character of local neighbourhood (Q 42)
Amenity of new housing, including overlooking and privacy (Q 43)
Need for public open space (Q 49 & Q 61)
Protection & provison of street trees (Q 53)
Q = Question number in the Council’s consultation questionnaire.

Do please email with your concerns and suggestions

July 4, 2013

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