Local Band The Jetsonics

Performing at The Six Bells

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Local band The Jetsonics (playing original rock anthems).

The Jetsonics - New Romance (official video)



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The Jetsonics EPFOUR is out on iTunes now and will be available on CD soon.

“Cruel Lizzie Vickers was just a great story,” says the band’s Adam Donovan. “We wrote our own set of lyrics telling the same tale, added a nice noisy guitar riff and the song’s been going down a storm ever since. It’s become a bit of a favourite at our live gigs, but this is the first time we’ve put it out on disc.” The band discovered Lizzie’s original ballad at PlanetSlade.com, where journalist Paul Slade has posted 16 gallows ballad sheets from the British Library’s collection, together with his own research on the real murder which inspired each ballad.

Find out more at the band’s website: http://www.thejetsonics.com/fr_home.cfm

True story of Lizzie Vickers: http://www.planetslade.com/broadside-ballads-cruel-lizzie-vickers.html.

Link to all GBP tracks so far: http://www.planetslade.com/planetslade-music02.html.

Full Soundcloud album: https://soundcloud.com/planetslade/sets/the-gallows-ballads-project


Satisfied performed at the Brentford May Fayre (youtube)

Amazing performed at the Brentford May Fayre (youtube)

August 15, 2013

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