Big Dig Day At Syon Lane Community Allotment

Find out what a perennial food garden is

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You are invited to come and join in as the rousing work begins of spring at Syon Lane Community Allotment on Saturday March 16th, 12 noon - 6pm.

There is a huge variety of wierd and wonderful seeds to try out this year, and there will be sowing into small pots and filling up the greenhouse and polytunnel to birsting point. There will be outdoor sowing happenning in the market garden too, but please feel free to come and join in just for a cup of tea and to enjoy the garden.

There will be a communal meal for everyone at around 2pm. Everything is free of charge.

While the site looks pretty brown and bare at the moment, the perennial food garden, which started 2 and a half years ago now, is slowly becoming more established and this is where most of the life is visible.

Alternative food crops such as perenial leeks, broccoli, garlic, root veg, salad, bean plants and nut trees are a very different proposition from the startard allotment style of gardenning which involves turning the soil every year and planting new seeds. Eating from this garden is more akin to foraging from a wild environment.

Visit for more information on alternative food crops. These plants will be grown in pots from seed with the idea of selling them/giving them out in the local area.

If you have seeds to swap please bring them along!
For directions to the site please visit
Call 07905 283114 if you need directions on the day,


March 12, 2013

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